Living the Enneagram

A collection of digital tools to practice integrating all of who we already are by embodying our fullest selves... in both life and at work.

Let's Get Moving

The Enneagram is both a spiritual and psychological model of transformation and growth. It provides a framework for nine primary personality archetypes, with twenty-seven distinct subtypes, as pathways to our inner transformations.

The language provided when we understand our dominant Enneagram Type gives insights into our behavioral motivations behind how we think, feel, and behave. Through this clarity, we can then broaden our resources and embody a full-sense of self.

Here you will find guides to help you reflect on the patterns of your type and take small steps towards creating new patterns. You'll also find resources to help you identify your particular Enenagram Type, as well as how to apply what you learn about the Enneagram to various aspects of your life - work, parenting, relationships, finances - you name it. So, let's get moving, together!

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