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Practicing Presence Free Masterclass Replay

Practicing Presence Free Masterclass Replay

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Our behaviors, over time, turn into habits and these habits make it hard for us to consciously, or in a state of awareness, recognize what we do, what we say, how we act, how we feel, and so on.

This is where practicing presence becomes an important ‘new’ habit to develop, because if we want to make changes to any of our old or unhelpful habits, we first need to learn how to pull those patterns into our awareness.

Throughout this masterclass, I am going to walk you through a framework of how to practice presence in any facet of your life - in your intimate relationships, with friends and family, at work, with your kids, and even with strangers.  I’ll get you started with some accessible and effective tools to start staying in the present moment of your life more often. 


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