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Fostering Effective Relationships at Work Workshop Replay

Fostering Effective Relationships at Work Workshop Replay

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This is a recorded playback from the live event on February 24, 2022.

Communicating effectively is one of the biggest factors of successful relationships.  And almost 86% of professionals account for ineffective communication as a primary cause of workplace failures.  Yet, teams who communicate effectively see an increase in productivity by as much as 25%.  

Our relationships experience cycles and get stuck in familiar (sometimes unhealthy) patterns of behavior.  And guess what?  We get stuck in these similar cycles with our business partners, team members, staff and our bosses.  If you are ready to step off the communication merry-go-round, and step into effective communication strategies, then this workshop is for you! It is a game changer when we can identify the patterns we subconsciously create and may be contributing to workplace relationship challenges.   

During this workshop, I’ll introduce you to several frameworks and walk you through how to intentionally create a communication cycle in service to you and your work relationships. We’ll use: the Enneagram, the Gottman Method, Instinctual Theories of Coping and Problem-Solving, Trauma-informed Regulation, and Emotional and Social Intelligence

We’ll tie all of these frameworks together into an accessible approach to communication cycles that center a grounded and embodied experience for everyone involved.  The best part is - you’ll be able to use these frameworks in every way you communicate - email, meetings and presentations, on all those Zoom calls, team 1:1s, and so on.


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